How to download big files in less than 30 seconds

      Internet connection today has higher speed than before. Videos, musics, software or any we want from the internet can be obtain by downloading. Despite of fast internet connection downloading large file is not easy, downloading bulk file may take lots of day or hour to finish. 

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Let me show you how long a 1GB Download will take depending on Connection and speed by basis below:

Connection/Speed                     Estimated Time

Dial-up/28kb                                  80 hours

Dial-up/56kb                                  40 hours

DSL and Broadband/128kb            37 hours

DSL and Broadband/256kb              9 hours

DSL and Broadband/512kb           4.5 hours

Wireless Satellite/600kb                  3 hours

Business(Government)/T1               1 hour

Business(Government)/T3             30 minutes

In this guide, download may take only less than 30 seconds. Follow step by step guide below.

STEP 1: Visit the website where the link of file to download
STEP 2: Right click on the link then click "SAVE LINK AS..."
STEP 3: Save/Change file name to "bigfiles" then click SAVE.

Congratulation! You have Downloaded "bigfiles" in less than 30 seconds ^_^V
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