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     Good day fellow iPhone fans! any day by the time you are reading this article we are giving away free iPhone 6 image, eighty percent chance to get it free is could be you. Yeah yeah yeah I know your eye balls rolled around and asking "Are you serious, huh?" Yes I'm serious, But before I go to how you can get that free let me tell you Three ways how we are able to give free iPhone 6 image for free.

      First, it's availability, sounds stupid? yes it's kinda stupid but how can we able to give away free iPhone 6 image if it's not available in the market, anywhere you in the world you have access to this.       

      Second, Heard about Tor browser? maybe you would ask, What's the point about that Tor Browser? If you will spend time browsing hidden wiki there are link or websites there offering very low price gadgets. A iPhone 6 8GB model at US$599 original price, in this hidden wiki you can get it in just US$99. Just be careful to not get on to the links that could send you in jail.

      Third, Yes, yes.. I know what's in your mind, You might asking "Why do they care to spend US$99?" To tell you, We are sponsored by a very successful blogger earning 10 grand a month, unfortunately he/she do not want to characterize to avoid great abundance request from random people.
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Now here's how you will get it for FREE by following steps below:

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STEP 1: Visit and like this Facebook page [Link]
STEP 2: Browse it's timeline for few steps
STEP 4: Go back here and leave me a comment

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