GPS Android Problem 0 In View/ 0 In Use (rooting Dilemma)

     Lately I spent almost a week googling GPS Problem. Upon browsing I noticed lots of people having trouble with the GPS functionality too especially those have Samsung Android devices. 
       Common problem they encountered having difficulty in locking the satelites but able to scan satelites which could be solve by  modifying the gps.conf, 50% of them found this solution effective. 
       Another solution I had tried is to tighten screws, worst thing if tighing screws didn't worked you would force to dismantle the device then put some fixes to it's antenna contact coils by lifting or  soldering it. 30% of them solved their problem upon doing. 
       Another is by using GPS Fix third party app programs, seems easy but low chance of fixing GPS, it's work like the first solution I've mentioned, it relatively shares a 10% of them helped by this fix. 
       The last thing I did was Factory reset, which kinda painful because I will loss all the programs and settings installed. But still no success, 10% of who tried found this effective but in my part it does not worked.

      Obviously, you are reading my post and still having trouble with the GPS Problem too. Like you... I tried every searchable solutions above but Any of these methods didn't solve my problem. Until I came to a clean install of stock ROM, Clean install of ROM from stock solves my problem. 

      But wait!...    When I found GPS now working.. I decided to root my device again.. surprisingly GPS stopped working again.     From this, I made a Conclusion.... Rooting could be the main reason of not working GPS on my device.  You can try this, Nothing to Loose.
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