Adding Share Buttons to Blogger

   Recently I have added A Share button on my Blog. There are lots of websites that offers button sharing available for our websites or blogs, but shareaholic fits to my needs.

   There are two options how you want to appear share button Shareaholic can offer.

First is the Floating Share Buttons and other one is Place Anywhere/Location sharing buttons.

Ok. Let's do it, come on visit

Then Create an account.

Once you have account. Log on, Then + Add Website, Next link you will be ask for your website/Blog info

Next step is to verify your website/blog. Click the Get Setup Code.. it's ok don't be nervous, it will just verify your website or blog not your age ^_^

Copy codes

Ok, In count of three.

Paste the code Then Save

We can now Finally finish verifying our website or blog just click Verify Site

   We can now customize our Share buttons, But first take a look at the two images

Floating Share Buttons

Place Anywhere/Location Sharing Buttons

   You can toggle on/off Floating Share Buttons to fits the need of your design, if you don't want sticky floating share buttons to appear, you can turn it On/Off just clicking. Unlike Share Button Location, you can put it anywhere you want. 

Floating Share Button ON state

Floating Share Button OFF state


To Install Share Button Location

That's it.. We're Done..  

Thank you for reading my post guys!

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