Top crazy facebook habits

   Facebook, It really changed the people way interact with each other. Meet people, play games, chat with friends across the world, Check friends or relative photos, Be updated to latest or what is trending now, or even earn from it.
   Most of us use facebook to get updates from our friends. But do you know except from posting funny or crazy videos there are things people didn't realize they making oneself funny and crazy? Look and read it below my top crazy and funny habit in facebook.

Like own post
Photo: Luca Sartoni
Liking other friends post is natural. But liking your own post kinda crazy. Get my idea?

Posting every single they do
Photo: English106
These are people who always posting their every single information in their life in facebook timeline. Wheter Brushing teeth, eating dinner, going school, their outfit of the day or the worse is even nose picking and shitting in toilet bowl they will post about it just to grab attention.

Using comment box as a chat box
Photo: garycycles7
Many do this but they are not aware sometimes. Let's say your mother commented in your post. And after few second your boyfriend or girlfriend do to. Then you replied to your gf or bf, then he/she replied too, then you replied again, then he/she again too, until it reached 100+ or more comments. You know what? your mother absolutely will get pissed from tons of notifications. 

Asking fellow friends to like or share own post
Photo: Kate Ter Haar
Most people do deliberately will hit like and share button if they like or they found someone post funny, informative, admiring or terrible. But some do this crazy habit, they will send request to their friends to like and share their post to gather attention.

Posting Selfie every hour
Photo: DigitalRalph

Come on! don't make our newsfeed full of updates of your face. If you are a model, actress/actor or just a good looking person it's acceptable. But still, don't spam our newsfeed with all of your face in our entire facebook history. Ok? peace!

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