Where to Download Free Musics/Audio for Video

      As a beginner who don't have enough budget in producing music or audio, finding music and audio is critical. You will take  into consideration it's legality of use, neither you will use it for an occasion videos like birthday party, wedding, holidays or for your school and office project presentation or you are a fanatic of Youtube who's hobby is to post videos.
      Out of curiosity while browsing Youtube website, My channel > Creat > Audio Library I found this Youtube Free Audio which you can use Musics and Audio freely. 
      Not the average users only, including uploaders who want to monetize their video can obtain a benefit. Musics and Audio under Free music will not detect Content ID, but you still need to provide links and other information about the material you used on your video to Youtube.com for you to monetize it, but generally it will always ask by Youtube.com.
      Audio Library almost will supply your entire life video production, different genres, moods, instruments and duration. I'm glad I found this link so I could share it to all of you.
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