100 Reasons Why Android Superior from iOS

100 Reasons Why Android Superior from iOS
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   Operating System Android success to maintain dominance in the segment of the gadget world since the last few years. What exactly makes Android users preferring Android OS rather than iOS? A recent survey showed that the Android increasingly firmly on top of the global smartphone and OS is expected to further threaten other mobile devices. 

Here is a summary of the 100 reasons in terms of features as well as non-technical factors why Android can not be defeated by the IOS: 

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1 New features are present in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus less innovation.

2 iOS can not set the default application outside the market while Android can.
3 Google Now has support UI notification card.
4 Resolution of Android devices has reached Quad HD like LG G3, Samsung Galaxy Note 4. 
5. Android widget more diverse no like notification as the iPhone 6.
6. highest in the Android hardware specifications already using Octa Core, 4GB RAM, Adreno 420 GPU.
7. Android already using sapphire screen like the Huawei Ascend P7. 
8. Android smartphones can be used as a flashdisk because it has a USB port or USB OTG (On The Go)
9. Android devices can use the mouse over a Bluetooth connection.
10. Android can use floating windows to desktop applications like multitasking. 

11. Android device can replace the launcher at will.
12. Phablet Android devices already using the stylus like the Samsung Galaxy Note, LG G3 stylus.
13. Adblock that Android has a free app for rejecting the ad.
14. Android can see the internet data usage. set minimum and maximum use of data.
15. Android can see the use of battery consumption.
16. In many applications the Android device to the monitoring system like wakelock.
17. Android devices have VPN Proxy to the privacy and bypass connections are blocked.
18. Android have security applications like Cerberus and anti thieft.
19. Shortcut launcher for applications. For example Evernote. Not just a shortcut for bookmarks.
20 Android as a server: DLNA, DNS, Email, FTP, IRC, Proxy, SMB, SMS, SSH, Web, WebDav, XMPP Server (Server Ultimate).

21. Android can run with other devices: USB Stick on a computer, a laptop (Acer, Asus, Samsung, etc), Camera, TV, Google Glass, smartwatch, and Game Console.
22. Running other OS in one phone (Ubuntu, Firefox OS).
23. Android handset is available in a variety of prices, ranging from the most expensive (Galaxy Note 4) to very cheap (Android One). 
24. Running famous emulator (PSX, Arcade, etc.).
25. Running 25 applications for the system maintenance for example CCleaner.
26. Changing profiles based on the situation and location.
27. Changing the desktop based on the situation.
28. ability to backup and restore applications.
29. Bluetooth transfer to other devices besides Android.
30 The ability to send signals to use other devices BT (BT thetering For internet data or data access).

31. ability to assign commands to the phone when the phone status is detected. for example the level of light, orientation, proximity sensor, etc..
32. ability to process the data with the file manager.
33. pair and use an external GPS devices with Android phones.
34. After sales service of Apple is less 'friendly'.
35. iPhone no MicroSD removable storage card.
36. iPhone battery can not be removed easily.
37. Using as a USB storage device without iTunes.
38. Multiple Gmail accounts in one device.
39. flash a custom ROM - it did not take root if you like Oppo device N1.
40 Smart app protector, you can set a password on each application.

41. AIDE - integrated with the application system developers. For those who like to experiment can build applications on Android directly.
42. Disabling background data by the application.
43. supports six different lockscreen including without lockscreen.
44. Unlike iOS devices, almost all Android devices have a charger cable that can be used simultaneously.
45. Android has DLNA.
46. ??Looking at the detail of storage that is used like disk usage.
47. Change font size width.
48. almost always have the same apps available on phones and tablets.
49. There is FM radio like HTC, Oppo R819, etc..
50 The ability to change the system icons.

51. Have an Knock Code feature like LG Series.
52. Multi Picture Wallpaper.
53. ability to hide the application (Does not require root).
54. Running Adobe Fash on the website.
55 Voice control (Using Voice application or tasker).
56. Android device can be used as a TV remote (IR Blaster).
57. Has Water gesture like on Samsung devices
58. Download any file on your Android device.
59. Overclock the CPU, GPU (can increase its own ability Hardware).
60 Unable to change the theme. All iPhone and iPad looks the same.

61. Enables Cloud Print to print documents.

62. Sound Boom or dual speakers (HTC).
63. Largest Battery Capacity 4000 mAh Lenovo P780.
64. Water and Dust Resistant. like the Sony Xperia Z2, Galaxy S4 Active.
65. Integrated with cars (Renault R link, Android Auto).
66. no iPhone app for 'Adult'.
67. direct WiFi (Android Beam).
68. iPhone no wireless charging.
69. always heard as in the Moto X / Auto Voice.
70 Launch an application from the dock like the Mac OS (dock4droid). This will confuse fanboy as a feature that Apple is not on the IOS.

71. Install Caffeine like a utility on the Mac is very popular.

72. Swipestarter the most efficient launcher.
73. Search by touch.
74. Google Applications Now help ease everyday: routes, weather, sports games, news, photos nearby area, flight schedules, etc..
75 It is easy to change the home screen, the home screen for work and another for play.
76. Customization notification LED.
77 Connect the LAN workgrup. Copying files back and forth without the need for iTunes.
78. Stream movies and music directly from the drive can be shared.
79. large community (XDA, RootWiki, Id-Androi, OprekAndroid, Android Indonesia, etc.).
80. different size hardware specifications. Adjust according to taste.

81. iPhone can not set a mobile data limit quota (this is the reason why they pay more).

82. iOS does not have a special tablet gaming like Nvidia Shield.
83. IOS can not refund if the wrong purchase applications. In Android there is a time period of 15 minutes to get refund.
84. Install the application can be sent from the Play Store by downloading it from the desktop.
85. access Android contacts on the PC.
86. Boot (turning the phone via safe mode).
87. Disabling background data on starup process without root.
88 Changing or extending copy or move a file from one directory to another.
89. Easily switch from one browser to another without copying and pasting.
90. backup local files with versions available not only the present and past. For example: I have 10 different versions of Google maps and I can roll back to one of the backup files.

91. lock screen controls when the Bluetooth connection is detected. For example at Pebble Locker.

92. Perform tasks depending on the strength of the magnetic field. It is very effective to mimic the NFC feature. For example: Open an application (Car Mode Ultra) by reading the magnetic strip and stick on the car increases.
93. Make Siri itself (Autovoice + tasker).
94. Running Shell script.
95 Use the phone as an external GPS to Android tablet that does not have GPS.
96. Install application updates do not need to download all parts of the APK. Quite new files only.
97 The ability to control the other Android devices (AutoRemote)
98 iOS users can not enjoy the Android L.
99. iOS users are not able to experience Virtual Reality Games like Galaxy Gear VR.
100 could be compatible with the Android app store than Google Play.

Huft !!! Thus 100 reasons firmly on top of the Android increasingly global smartphone. Only reason .. how about you ?? more on review information technology

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