Leon: The Professional

      Leon: The professional(1994), truly a fantastic movie written and directed by Luc Besson. This is the only movie that touched my heart, made me cry, and keep on monitoring until now maybe because I can relate myself to Leon's character who has a hard time expressing his love in other word I'm Dork and soundtrack "Shape of my heart" by Sting
      Sting some line replied to a question about the meaning of the song:"which makes him a quite difficult person to live with or to have a relationship with because he has a hard time expressing his love"
      Upon reading wiki about Leon: The Professional and some searches, Many said that the sequel will never be happen but I'm still hoping they will make sequel.
      In my frustration, I made a short and incomplete sequel of Leon: The professional.
Stansfield survive in the explosion but he's got disabled
(Stanfield is no longer working as police in DEA but he has lots of connection inside, this time he's more than a corrupt police, he's a Drug lord now) 

Stansfield spends half a year of his time in house to fully recover from the explosion

then Mafioso later found out Stansfield still alive

Mafioso hid from him to avoid his revenge 

Standfield after recovered, he visits Mafioso Resto there he founded Mafioso moved already to Other place

Mathilda came back to Mafioso's resto to get some money, and gained nothing

Afterwards, Mathilda saw Manolo(Remember the young kid who asked by Mafioso to bring 2 glasses for Leon and Mathilda? that's him) in some place.. then she asked Manolo what happened to Mafioso

Mathilda investigate where Mafioso residing. Later Mathilda found out Mafioso is back now in Italy

Mathilda continued studying to support her self in the future

Mathilda Already finished college and left the school

Mathilda no other relatives so she asked Manolo about job

Mathilda got work as a Youth Staff in a cruise ship where Manolo work as a Bartender

Many years past

The cruise where she working will travel Italy 

Mathilda decided to find Mafioso in Italy while the cruise not taking off, which later she found him in a terrible grief

Mafioso tells about Stanfield

Mathilda flased back memory of her brother and Leon's death

Mathilda asked Mafioso if he knew someone who can clean

Mafioso is hopeless after he left his resto in New York and he spend even Mathilda's money given by Leon and no longer can hire a cleaner

Mathilda decided to clean in her self for revenge and to bring back Mafioso life in New York

Mathilda started hunting Standfields follower and became more professional in killing in duration

Mathilda always leaves a piece of grenade ring to Stanfields men dead body

Standfields became curious about who's killing his men

Standfields flash back memory of Leon's last words "This is from Mathilda" and remembered one little girl who attempted to kill him and survived in time where they about to capture Leon....
I will end here guys..

Thank you for reading, And I Hope you like it, ^_^

Hoping to see you on Big screen Mathilda!

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