Blade & Soul Login Error Solution

Let's consider two causes of this error. One is slow internet connection, which could solve by just re-logging in the game. If not, Another one causes by a malware/trojan which could solve by clean whole game re-install or in simplest way, following my guide below. Another solution to this is waiting for the next maintenance. As usual I know you can't wait for the next maintenance or do a full clean game install. So let's do my simple guide!!

Note: This Solution is Temporary and it will work in any Blade & Soul Severs

STEP 1: Run Blade & Soul Launcher and wait for the list of servers to come out. 

STEP 2: Once open. Go to your connection window like in the image1 below. Disconnect your internet connection first. Once you are Disconnected to the internet, that's the time you can click on your server 

TO OPEN CONNECTION SETTINGS: Control Panel > Network and internet > Network and Sharing Center >Adapter Setting



            You will surprise the error will not pop-up, and you can login. But wait! you have to do step 3 before clicking the login button

STEP 3: Reconnect/Connect your internet connection, then you can now login to the game.

Please do comment below if you did find this working. Thanks!

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